Demon Daycare

  • What's all this please?
    I have issues with demons. And I found myself wishing that I could just get an effin' break from them, without having to Deal With Them. And voila! Demon Daycare was born.
  • What happens when I drop a demon off at your daycare?
    It gets whisked into the ether and placed into a spot with all the other demons on our server in the daycare, and you'll receive an email confirming the dropoff. A guardian bot periodically checks the timing that you've selected, and lets you know via email when it's time to come get your demon. Don't forget, you can't leave them here forever-- you've got to deal with them sometime. When you click the link to retrieve it, the daycare releases the demon and gives you a report on how your demon was.
  • How's the security? (aka, disclaimer-y thing)
    This is totally a fun little side project. Nothing is encrypted or strongly secured, so there's that. Use at your own risk.
  • I want to get in touch with Deanna (designer/drawer), Alice (writer) or Anselm (structurer/coder).
    Best way to get us is prolly on Twitter: If something is urgent (like, you need a demon deleted), please drop me an email to deanna at deannazandt dot com with the subject line beginning with "URGENT DEMON NEED".

Have questions? Want to read my disclaimer? Need to get in touch?
© 2016 Idea & illustrations by Deanna Zandt. Text by Alice Bradley. Code by Anselm Hook.